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Messy Church:







Messy Church is a form of church for children and adults that involves creativity, celebration and hospitality. It usually includes a welcome, a long creative time to explore the biblical theme through getting messy; a short celebration time involving story, prayer, song, games and similar; and a sit-down meal together at tables. It is a fun time for all ages, both adults and children.

Our Messy Church meets on the 2nd Saturday of every month, from 3pm - 5pm (except for April and August). 

During this lockdown period Messy Church is taking on a new look! From 3pm on the day you will be able to find a series of videos on our facebook page and YouTube channel that will lead you through the session. There will be games to play, quizzes, crafts (using things you might have at home) and a story. It should be lots of fun! 

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