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    The Parish of St Augustine's with St Luke's
    Sharing God's Love

    Welcome to our latest weekly e-newsletter   

     15th January 2021


    Weekly Message

    To my family in Christ,

    As the weather is particularly cold and very damp as I write this I am reminded that this time just over a year ago I slept out rough in a cardboard box. The temperature was below freezing and the damp was penetrating. To add to my misery a bold, annoying fox kept pestering me for hours! I was scared, exhausted, weary and uncomfortable; this was an experience I never wanted to repeat.  When I shuffled home the next day I wondered how anyone could face night after night living like this. 

    Why did I sleep rough?  Well, it was to raise awareness of the Bromley Homeless Shelter, who do an amazing and essential job trying to support and relocate Bromley’s homeless people.* This year many of us find ourselves reflecting on the impact Covid-19 had on us in 2020 and still is having on our lives in 2021. Apart from the dreadful loss of life and livelihoods, there are many more insidious casualties of Coronavirus than we currently realise, for example the Homeless Night Shelter was unable to go ahead as it does every year and the project had to adapt the usual support it offers.

    If we focus on the sad and bad news stories of recent weeks maybe we have a real sense that the whole creation has been groaning as in the pains of childbirth right up to the present time…” (Romans 8:22)  and yet despite our losses, despite lockdown, despite the closure (again) of our church, we remain a people of hope in every situation. We thank God for the vaccines, which offer light at the end of the Covid-tunnel, but more than this, we thank God that nothing can come between us and his love for us. He is with us and alongside us in every one of our situations; loving us and still working out his plan for our lives, come what may.

    “For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Romans 8:38-39)


    Lord, the day is cold,
    Warm it with your presence.
    The way is dark,
    Lighten it with your grace.
    Our hearts are empty,
    Fill them with your love.
    Our minds are fearful,
    Strengthen them with your hope,
    now and always,

    David Adam, ‘Beginnings’ from The Glory of Light

    God bless your week,

    Revd Rachel Winn, Curate

    This Sunday - 17th January - 2nd Sunday of Epiphany

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    online, with the Zoom room opening from 9.45am, by clicking here.

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    After the service, we’ll have the opportunity to break into groups for fellowship. 
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    Bible Reading:  Revelation 5: 1-10


    Eternal Lord,
    our beginning and our end:
    bring us with the whole creation
    to your glory, hidden through past ages
    and made known
    in Jesus Christ our Lord.

    Next week
    Wednesday 11.30am-12pm
    Midweek prayer and reflection on Zoom here.

    Sunday 10am
    Service on Zoom.
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    Lent Course

    We are planning an online Lent series open to all. More details to follow.

    Parish News and Notices

    Great Aunt Mary
    Congratulations to Mary Sterling, who is a Great Aunt for the third time. Her niece Kathy gave birth to her second child Anna Rose on Monday afternoon . Both mum and baby are doing well. Thank you to everyone for their prayers.

    Advent Trail
    The winners of our Advent Trail Prize were Daniel, Jacob and Esther (who did it together) and were randomly picked from the 51 returned forms. 

    Diocese News
    Bishop James and Bishop Simon have been in contact with church leaders since the lockdown was announced to offer their gratitude for all that is being done, and assuring them of their support for the local decisions made around public worship.You can read their letter here

    Keep us informed 
    Although these are difficult times, if you have any notices, news, events etc which may be suitable for this newsletter, do let us know by emailing

    Charity and Community Updates 

    Message from the Bromley Foodbank 

    We have currently closed our warehouse for food donations and suspended supermarket collections due to an outbreak of Covid19 which has affected our warehouse and operations. Our team are tremendous and although many are having to self isolate, we are still able to ensure that our food support service will continue to serve those in need.

    If you would still like to support us then financial giving would be greatly appreciated at this time. This will help us ensure we can purchase food items we're running low on directly, obtain appropriate PPE for our staff and volunteers as well as other essentials, such as cleaning services to help instil confidence for the team and the required I.T. equipment which is continuing to increase during this crisis.

    We thank our wonderful volunteers who continue to serve on the front line and who help make this crazy world we're currently living in a little happier and brighter for many. Bless you all!

    Church Army

    The Church Army have recently published their Magazine and Prayer Diary for January. ( click on links to view digitally). If  you  would like to have a printed version contact Chris Regis who will look to get it to you in a secure COVID19 manner.

    Keep in touch

    Though we are not able to meet in person at present, we certainly don’t want anyone to feel isolated or alone. If you know anyone who might appreciate a call, do let us know by contacting the Vicar or emailing the Office.

    We also have a prayer team and you can send in prayer requests for yourself or others. 

    Lastly, if you know of someone who would like to receive our weekly newsletter, then forward this email to them and ask them to sign up here.


    Love, prayers and the peace of the Lord Jesus be with you always.


    The Office is now closed until further notice.

    If you need assistance, you can contact Rev Steve Spencer on 020 8467 1351

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    Also read our monthly magazine Roundabout. The November issue is now available by clicking here

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    As a church we take our safeguarding responsibilities very seriously and we are committed to ensuring our church and hall buildings are safe places for all.  If you have any concerns about safeguarding you can contact our Parish Safeguarding Officer, Mrs Helen Scothern - tel: 07909824099 

    This website has a section entitled Safeguarding,  click here to see it. 


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