St. Augustine's with St. Luke's, Bromley Common

We are part of the Church of England and see ourselves as a Christian community whose mission is to offer all in our parish the opportunity to hear, experience and respond to the love of Jesus Christ.


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What we believe

I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. 

(From the New Testament of the Bible, John 10:11)

What we believe:

We hold firm to the traditional Christian 'creeds` and Biblical truths, but we recognise that they can seem complicated. So here's a simple statement...

We believe...

Our universe was created with care by a loving God and that God has given us the duty of care for his world.

He also gave us freedom to make choices but we use that freedom unwisely and make a mess of God's creation and our lives.

Jesus came and taught us that it was possible for that mess to be sorted out - Christianity isn't just for `good people`!

When Jesus died and rose again, he set us free from guilt of all the bad we have done and given us a second chance in life - a chance to live his perfect way.

That forgiveness is for anyone and everyone.

Christianity isn't about giving up on fun, pleasure or success. Jesus came to help us live life to the full but that can only be done when we model our lives on him and allow him to give us his peace, grace and Holy Spirit.



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