Vicar's letter



The Coronavirus has in one way or another impacted every part of our community from the young to the elderly. Therefore, over the next few weeks and months, our community and our society will experience a major change in the way that we live, the way that we care and the way that we communicate with one another. For many the plans for this forthcoming year will radically change. Holidays and planned trips will now no longer take place, social gatherings will be cancelled, the day-to-day things that we take for granted will for the foreseeable future be different.

I am sure that the stress and strain that the Coronavirus is causing will lead to much anxiety for many people. We have seen that to a greater and lesser extent in the news reports from around the world. Therefore, the networks in which we engage, whether that is family and friends or social media, will become to many a lifeline in our physical and mental wellbeing. This virus is blind to race, colour and creed, therefore we must come together as a community to provide support for one another in this time of need.

The world as we know it does look a bleak place and, for some, hope may have been exchanged for despair. But I would argue that hope is not lost. In just a few weeks Easter will be upon us and, although we may not experience the Easter Services of Good Friday and Easter Day, the hope that Jesus Christ sets before us remains. Hope that, despite the darkness of Good Friday as Jesus died upon the cross, we see the light he brings into our broken world through the Resurrection of Easter Morning.

Jesus was then and remains today the Light of the World and, despite the troubles of today, when our hearts are open to his love, then the world feels better as humanity embraces God’s love for the world.   

If you are in any need please do call the church office 0208-2951550, or the Vicarage 0208-4671351

God bless


Revd Steve Spencer, Vicar   

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