Vicar's letter

Joy, Peace and Love


In most households’ preparation for Christmas are I’m sure fully underway, presents are being bought. Christmas decorations brought down from the loft and the never-ending question, “do we buy a real tree or invest in an artificial one?” That’s before the big decisions of who do we invite to dinner on Christmas day? Christmas can often seem like hard work, however on that first Christmas morning most of the world saw it as just another normal day.

So, how can we prepare ourselves for Christmas without forgetting what we are truly celebrating, “the light of the world coming amongst us, we wait in expectation on what God is about to do in the world” And that is what this time of Advent is all about. Advent means “Coming” the coming of something that has great importance. Advent also affords us the time and space to think of how the presence of Jesus in our lives can bring Joy, Peace, and Love that maybe we have never experienced before. A way to do this is through reading the Bible, there are many booklets and online resources that can help. Also spend some time in prayer (conversation with God) it’s a good way to prepare our hearts and minds. Although, for many Advent is the start of the anticipation of the coming of Christmas and the Nativity narrative, yet it is also that expectancy of Jesus’ promise to return again, the “second coming” a time we are told when Jesus will return in all his glory and his eternal Kingdom will reign. The Advent hymn, O Come, O Come, Emmanuel perfectly reflects the Church’s cry during this Advent season. 

Last Christmas was especially a hard time for many families as plans to gather together were severely restricted. This year we pray that the Christmas celebrations will be different and so if you are able please do join us here at St Augustine’s with St Luke’s for the many different service we are planning, all of which are advertised here. 

May I take this opportunity to wish you all a joyful and peaceful Christmas and New Year from all at St Augustine’s with St Luke’s


Yours in Christ


Revd Steve Spencer - Vicar