Although the Parish is relatively wealthy, there are significant difficulties with housing access in both parts of the Parish, with relative pensioner poverty around St Luke’s and higher than average single parenthood around St Augustine’s.

There is low ethnic diversity and although the congregation has several Afro-Caribbean families, the diversity is not representative. Similarly, the age demographic of the congregation is skewed towards the older ages. There are three nursing homes and care homes in the north of the parish. The Parish works hard to engage with the younger age groups though the thriving parents and toddler group plus school’s work, ‘Messy Church’, ‘Dads and Kids’ and ‘Bits & Pieces’.

There are small numbers of residents from other faiths and a Synagogue in Bromley town and a Mosque in nearby Keston Mark. In addition, there are a number of Churches of other denominations that make up Churches Together in Bromley Common in the parish.

Demographics for St Augustine's

Demographics for St Luke's